Improve your sound on the violin with experienced guidance

Simon Streuff is a professional violinist and Dipl. violin teacher. He is known for his Youtube Channel "Simon Streuff Violin-Education". Simon Streuff has over 15 years of teaching experience. His first course, the "Intonation guide for Violinists" was rated 4.75/5 Stars.

The Sound of the Violin is a project, that I started working on in 2021. I wanted to make a difference with my second online course: The Sound of the Violin should change the outlook of my students on what kind of sound they are able to produce and will include every technical aspect that makes a good sound on the violin. The Curriculum is divided into two big sections:

1. Bow control

2. Vibrato

In my experience as a teacher it has shown, that developing a good sound starts with the bow arm. Once the basics are mastered we can start making the sound more versatile, interesting and beautiful with vibrato.

While the bowing technique on the violin is rather straight forward to teach - just like it is a left brain activity. Teaching vibrato is very individual and sometimes unintuitive. Over the years I learned that there is not one magic exercise for vibrato. It is rather a search for the most effective exercises to develope a flexible vibrato. That is why in this course you will get all my exercises, which I once used to teach my students vibrato successfully. I will show you exactly how to perform the vibrato exercises in the video lessons.

If you want an even more individual approach, I offer a premium package of the course with a 45 minute live online lesson with me. The places for the premium package are limited. So don't hesitate, if this is for you!

For now the course is in pre-sale mode. This means, the lessons will be released over the next months, once per week. Joining the course in this period has two advantages:

1. You can indicate the direction of the course with topic suggestions and qustions.

2. You will get a huge discount of 30% off the final price*

I hope to see you as my student in this course. I am confident that I can help you improve your sound on the violin!


1. Bow Control:

  • Arm movements
  • Wrist movement
  • Hand and finger movement
  • Finger synchronisation
  • String crossings
  • Bow division
  • Bow speed
  • Portato
  • Retakes
  • Contact point
  • Dynamics
  • Articulation
  • Legato
  • Tone color
  • Top 3 bow exercises

2. Vibrato:

  • Vibrato explained
  • Finger placement
  • Vibrato pitch
  • Finger movement
  • Wrist movement
  • Arm movement
  • Different ways of oscillation
  • The violin setup for vibrato
  • Speeding up the vibrato
  • Vibrato in higher positions
  • Vibrato in double stops
  • Top 10 Vibrato Exercises

These are the core lessons of the Sound of the Violin online course. The curriculum will only grow with new ideas and topic suggestions.

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